Florida mother charged after 3-year-old nearly drowns in Florida pool

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It can happen in an instant. 

A little boy went face down in a hot tub and nearly drowned Sunday night. Police say his mom was drunk, high and not paying attention.

A quick-thinking hotel employee jumped into action and saved the child.

The upsetting incident was all caught on camera at Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort.

Now, the mother is charged with felony child neglect.

A group of adults was in the whirlpool and had no idea the boy slipped under and didn’t come back up, but a hotel employee saw it happen on a security camera.

A maintenance man switched off the jets and pulled the boy out after he was submerged for more than two minutes.Police then questioned the child's mother.

Police say Apryl Connolly, 36, waived her right to remain silent and told officers she had taken three shots of tequila, was mixing booze with pills and smoking pot.

She allegedly said she thought others were watching her son.

Police say she threw a pill into a trash can so she’s also charged with destruction of evidence.

The child was revived and rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital, where his condition is unknown.