Florida teen collects thousands of socks for needy

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You've heard it many times: 'Tis better to give than to receive. There is a teenager in Lake Mary, Florida who lives by that old maxim.  His name is Tanner Eaves, and he's dedicated much of his young life to giving and making sure a very specific need of others is met during the holidays. 

Two before Christmas, Tanner was hard at work for the charity he runs, called "Annual Holiday Sock Drive."  This is Tanner's seventh year.  He started it when he was just 10.  "Part of what makes the sock drive so successful is that fact that it makes it a little more fun to donate than just, you know, a toy or a t-shirt or something old."

In his seven years, Tanner has collected and given away somewhere between 50,000 and 75,000 pairs of socks to more than 25 different organizations.  He has seen every kind of sock you can think of.  "A pair of like Cheetah print socks, and you know, maybe some regular white ones. I mean everything helps."

In order to make it work, Tanner had a lot of help, with 35 drop-off locations, like a UPS store in Lake Mary and others, all over Central Florida.  It's a labor of love, born out of a lesson he learned as a child.  "Be charitable, give back to the community."