Fmr. Senator Wendy Davis leads democratic Day of Action

Texas has long been viewed as a "red state" however this year's presidential race could have Texas voters seeing a different color in November: Blue. Former Senator Wendy Davis is doing her part to ensure it stays that way. Senator Davis helped rally the support of Travis County Democrats around presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during a "Day of Action".

"I'm really excited to see the recent polling that's showing a very tight race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump here in Texas. When you look at the breakdown of that you see that he has a difficult path to victory here," Davis said.

Recent polls show Clinton has made up significant ground on Trump in the state of Texas. Senator Davis said some of the republican candidate's statements directed towards women and minorities has put Texas, a notorious red state, up for grabs for the democratic party and Vincent Harding, chair of the Travis County Democratic Party said this could mark the beginning of a new trend.

"It shows that people in Texas are starting to look for something different and I think we will see a shift in the election map in the next couple of years," he said.

A significant change has already been seen over the past several months with an increasing number of democratic candidates making stops in the Lone Star State.

"In previous years democratic presidential candidates didn't come to Texas because they knew it was a waste of time in the sense the state was going to vote republican and the local candidates said 'wow, if you would have shown us just a little bit of support that could have helped us out.' So for democrats coming here, the down ballot races here in Texas, they are happy the candidates are paying them a visit," Brian Smith, a political science professor at St. Edward's University, said.

And it's a visit that could pay dividends for democrats in future, local elections.

"It's going to give us a democrats an opportunity to capture those voters who are going to turn out in this race who may not have turned out in prior elections and it will give us something to build on going forward in the future," Davis said.