Ford expanding self-driving vehicle program to Austin

Ford has announced plans to expand its self driving program to Austin. 

The company is working closely with the city to ensure that self-driving vehicles can be properly integrated in and be part of a comprehensive transportation solution.

Ford has partnered with Argo AI to map roads and gather data that will help improve how the self-driving cars move around Austin. 

Alongside Washington D.C. and Miami, Austin is the third market that Ford has expanded its autonomous vehicle program to. 

Ford and Austin officials believe self-driving vehicles can be part of a comprehensive mobility solution by providing wider access to transportation and more efficient goods delivery.

In a statement released to Medium, Ford CEO Sherif Marakby mentions how Texas continues to be a draw for companies exploring innovative technologies. 

In the same article, Austin Mayor Steve Adler outlines the positive affects that autonomous vehicles may bring to the growing area. According to Adler, the region's population is on track to double within the next 20 to 25 years. 

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