FOX 7 Debate: Race relations

This week's deadly police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana are what investigators thin could be a motive behind last night's deadly ambush on police in Dallas. Civil rights leaders say anti-black violence needs to be stopped and, so does violence against police and, all other races and religions.

Reverend Jesse Jackson spoke about that today. 

"The attack on officers was a cowardly and insane act of terrorism. It in no way represents anything about our long struggle for peace and justice for all. I condemn the acts of this madman, madmen in the strongest terms. Our movement will not compromise the moral high ground of non-violence. Never. These are perilous times for our nation. The environment has been poisoned with the anti-black, anti-police, anti-hispanic, anti-muslim, anti-semistism rhetoric. Violent condition and words breed violent behavior," said the civil rights activist. 

Joining us to talk about the issue is Vincent Harding, he's the chair of the Travis County Democratic Party.