FOX 7 Discussion: Abbott signs controversial voting legislation into law

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1, the controversial election legislation, into law on Tuesday.

SB 1 is a rewrite of the state’s election code. It tightens voting-by-mail rules, prevents local efforts to expand voting options, increases access for partisan poll watchers, and sets new rules — and possible criminal penalties — for those who assist voters in casting their ballots.

The governor has said SB 1 will ensure "election integrity in Texas," but state Democrats fought the legislation for months. They argued the bill was tailored to make it harder for young people, racial and ethnic minorities and people with disabilities to cast ballots, just as they see these demographics shifting to favor their party.

Former Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey and Jamarr Brown, the co-executive director for the Texas Democratic Party, talk about the controversial election legislation.

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