FOX 7 Discussion: Schools waiting on state to send $17.9B in federal relief

Education advocates are calling for state leaders to send federal COVID-19 relief funds intended for Texas schools to Texas schools.

A giant, 6-foot tall three-legged stool appeared inside the Texas Capitol Wednesday morning with a single message for lawmakers: Fund TX Ed Recovery. Raise Your Hand Texas says they are calling on state legislators to fund more than $17 billion from ESSR 2 and 3 directly to Texas public schools.

The stool, according to the organization, represents the "top-most important pieces of school funding this session:"

  1. Preserve House Bill 3 (2019)
  2. Hold schools harmless for pandemic enrollment declines
  3. Send federal education stimulus dollars directly to schools

Libby Cohen with Raise Your Hand Texas joins Rebecca Thomas to talk about the organization's push for federal COVID-19 funding to go to Texas schools.