FOX 7 Discussion: Voter fraud list in Texas

The Texas secretary of state confirmed on Tuesday that it is working with election officials to winnow down the list of tens of thousands of registered voters going back to 1996 that the state's attorney general said on Friday were noncitizens, after a fierce backlash from liberal groups that questioned the accuracy of the claims.

Officials in the state made the bombshell announcement Friday that roughly 95,000 people identified as noncitizens in the state's driver's license and ID databases matched individuals in voter registration records. About 58,000 of those people voted in at least one election, state officials said.

But on Tuesday, reports surfaced that local election officials were told by state elections administrators that some of the names were included "in error," in part because many individuals whose names appeared on the list may have become naturalized citizens and therefore cast legal ballots.

“As part of the process of ensuring that no eligible voters are impacted by any list maintenance activity, we are continuing to provide information to the counties to assist them in verifying eligibility of Texas voters," Sam Taylor, the communications director for the Texas secretary of state, said in a statement to Fox News. "This is to ensure that any registered voters who provided proof of citizenship at the time they registered to vote will not be required to provide proof of citizenship as part of the counties’ examination.”

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