FOX 7 helps former foster child find home

We first introduced you to Chante Powell last week.

The 19-year-old came out of the foster care system and didn't have a place of her own to live.

After reaching out to 7 On Your Side, the state of Texas is taking action.

When Chante came to us, she was scared that she would end up without a home in just a few weeks.  

We were able to connect her with the right resources and now she is getting back on track.
From one week to the next, life can change for the better.

Chante Powell went from not having a place to call home, to moving into one on Thursday.

"It's very exciting because I've waited a long time for this. I needed to find a place, so I found a place stay. I can check that off of my list now," says Chante Powell, formerly in foster care.

After being in the foster care system since the age of six, Chante decided to get out at 18 years old and live her dreams.

She graduated from high school and got accepted into Texas State University.

But being on her own for the first time hasn't been easy.

After realizing she would be left without a home this summer, she called FOX 7 On Your Side for help.

"Her living facility is furnished and it's almost like a small dorm. So it really has everything that she needs."

With the help of the Department of Family and Protective Services, FOX 7 was able to connect Chante last week with an organization called Partnerships for Children.

Executive Director Kori Gough went along with us to meet her in person.

From there, things have picked up.

"We got her hooked up with what is called a supervised independent living facility, there's not a lot of those available. It was great because the case worker already had an interview set up for Chante the following day," says Kori Gough, Partnerships for Children.

Besides finding a home, she was given some money for household items and has registered for Fall classes.

She will also be part of YES Mentoring, which will teach her life-skills.

"You know, I'm really excited about all of it. I'm very thankful for FOX News, for bringing her story to light," says Gough.

Something that doesn't always work out for others.

Many children who get out of the foster care system end up in bad situations.

Chante didn't want to end up like that, so she is now getting back in.

"It's really important for someone to take that first step. So I really applaud Chante in asking for help and willing to work with us again," says Julie Moody, Department of Family and Protective Services.

For Chante, she is now getting the support she needs to continue living out her dreams.

"Buy a car, get a license of course. Just be successful," says Powell.