COTA plans to build full amusement park with roller coasters by 2023

The Circuit of Americas track is known for its racing, concerts, pop-up rides and activities, but now thrill seekers can prepare for roller coasters and a large amusement park in 2023.

"We actually had this as part of the original master plan. Our assets are concession stands, restrooms and lots of parking spaces. When you consider what you should do with a campus like that, you have to make it a destination," said Bobby Epstein, chairman of COTA.

Epstein said this was all a part of the original concept for COTA. COTALAND, is the amusement park's name. It'll be equipped with at least 25 rides when it opens, including five roller coasters.

"We expect the kiddie park to open sometime this year and then the thrill rides and entire park to open in 2023," he said.

One of those coasters will be the Circuit Breaker, which will provide a truly unique experience.

"It’s a tilt coaster, it’s going to be the first of its kind in America. It does have a sister overseas. It’s just the most neat experience to be dangling facing downward waiting for it to drop," said Matt Hughey, Sr. Manager of COTA Karting and COTALAND.

Hughey said they are buying rides from all over the world, including from countries like Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

"We’ve got Palindrome coming this year, it’s the first of its kind as well. It’s a shuttle coaster and you can only ride it here. It’s a shuttle coaster that takes you up 90 degrees and goes over COTA Boulevard," said Hughey.

With Formula One, and a large amphitheater, visitors have only started seeing just the beginning of what COTA has to offer. Epstein said with already 1.2 million visitors each year, he hopes that number increases with the addition of the coasters.

"It just provides another thing for families to do.  It gives a reason to get out of the house and not have to drive an hour or hour and a half away," said Epstein.

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