Future of baseball in good hands

Although this isn't Wrigley Field, Saturday's t-ball game in North Austin had a big league feel to it.

"It's been great watching (my daughter) get better every game. Hit the ball, run the bases, field and throw. It's been really special for me," Zac Grantham, coach of his daughter's tball team, said.

Parents like Savannah Welch, who is a Chicago Cubs fan, might not be at the World Series but she is enjoying the time she gets to spend watching her son Charlie on the diamond.

"Watching our boys play is always the best." Welch said, "It's my favorite time of year. I don't expect that (my son) will love baseball as much as i do but so far he really enjoys it."

Coach Grantham said he, and other parents, can't help but think of which one of these young sluggers could one day be playing in The Show.

"I think we are all doing that, we are watching some kid and they hit a hard line drive and some kid sticks out his glove and it magically sticks in there. We're like 'whoa, maybe he is the one who makes it.' maybe we are watching him play in the World Series one day."

Zac's parents, Ron and Missy, were in the stands cheering on their son and granddaughter Lucy cheering as if they were at Game 4 of the World Series in Chicago.

"It's exciting, it's fun watching the next generation. Especially watching the girls now in tball because back girls didn't do much tball but now it's a lot of fun," Ron said.

"That'd be great if any of these kids could do whatever their passion leads them." Missy said, "and women are slowly but surely getting into the sports fields of professional sports so it could be exciting."