Game Warden, volunteers working to save goose hit by blow dart

A Llano County game warden is working around the clock to rescue an Egyptian goose shot with blow darts in Robinson Park. 

Time is of the essence to get help for the goose, because it's not clear how severe its injuries are.

The game warden said they have identified the person who shot the darts and are looking into what charges to file.

Lacey Miller spends the majority of her time rehabilitating animals at Wild Things Rescue Ranch in Johnson City. On Saturday, she learned her newest project was located about an hour away in Llano, concerning two mallard ducks and a goose that regularly hang out at Robinson Park.

“There was a lady who visited the park in Llano and I think she was pretty horrified when she discovered these ducks that had blow darts stuck through their wings, their head, it was pretty gruesome,” Miller said.

The game warden was able to confirm at least one bird at the park was hit with two darts, but it's believed any darts that targeted the ducks may have fallen out on their own.

“The one that is of most concern is an Egyptian goose that had it coming out through its head,” said Miller.

Game wardens were able to catch the person responsible, but, four days later, the goose continues to escape them.

Lacey reached out to fellow animal lovers to chip in with rescue efforts.

“The success of this story, it's completely dependent on people going out. Because we simply don't have the man hours to go and sit on these traps, or to go and wait and watch for these birds and entice them to come in,” Miller said.

Patience has been especially hard for Miller, knowing the injury may impact critical areas of the goose and that the time to help could be running out.

“We devote all of our time, our energy, our love, our care, everything, into saving lives and, so, to see people just come and just be so careless about how much that animal’s suffering, or thinking their life doesn't have value, it's pretty heartbreaking,” said Miller.

Miller said there is still some question about whether Egyptian geese are federally protected, but, either way, the person who took aim at the bird will likely face criminal charges.

“I think people need to know doing something like this, especially if it's a kid out there thinking that this is not a big deal, this will be a big problem for them,” Miller said. 

Anyone who wants to help volunteer or donate to rescue efforts can contact Wild Things Rescue Ranch.