Game Wardens arrest 13, issue 782 citations, warnings Labor Day weekend

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says its Game Wardens arrested 13 people and issued 782 citations and warnings to Texas boaters over Labor Day weekend.

Citations and warnings were up a hundred from last year, says TPWD, and charges included several incidents of boating or driving while intoxicated.

354 Game Wardens patrolled more than 2,500 hours throughout the weekend, and TPWD says that they made contact with at least 3,770 vessels on the water and confirmed everyone onboard had life vests, children were supervised and boats followed state law.

The ramp-up in patrols partnered with boater education outreach programs led to the biggest success of the weekend, says TPWD—a 43 percent decrease in boating-related accidents and a 50 percent decrease in open water drownings since last year.

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