Gators in Del Valle may be nesting

Two gators in a Del Valle pond may be trying to start a family and that has nearby residents considering a re-location plan.

One of the two gators- is usually spotted in the afternoon. The creature is seen right about the time a lot of people are out on a hiking trail which wraps around the main pond in Berdoll Farms subdivision. Warning signs have made casual strolls a little more challenging for people like Lisa Hernandez.

"I can't run fast enough, knowing me I'd trip or something; we look out to make sure. But we came walking last night and that's when I was more nervous," said Hernandez.

Residents have known for about three years that one gator was lurking in the water. But now another has now been spotted. The report brought out a Fire Department crew Friday morning, to do a site assessment just in case they have to make an emergency run. Carl Nuckols is counting on his new fence to keep his family safe and the new neighbors out.

"Yeah, they say there is one down there, I haven't seen that one, but that one comes out about every day," said Nucklos.

Nuckols took pictures of the 6 foot long gator living next to him. The second gator, which is a little larger, swims in the other end of pond near Pasquarella Dr. It's not known how the gators got into the pond. Some suspect they were once pets that grew too large and were dumped here.

The Homeowners Association is looking into the possibility of hiring a trapper to catch the gators; there are two main reasons for that. One, it's almost summer and there's going to be a lot of kids out here. Two; the gators may be having babies. The mound that the smaller gator has been spotted on may be a nest according to HOA president Pat King.

"We haven't had any problem with the two, so the two is fine, it's just the problems now is we think there's eggs there, then we are going to have to have them removed because then that is a nuisance ... that's too many, we can't support 30 or 40 little ones running around, and I'll look up and they will be in my son-in laws swimming pool," said King.

Until the gator family is rounded up, neighborhood kids will be watched a little closer and the HOA board has authorized more warning signs to go up.