Texas soldier welcomed home by neighbors after seventh deployment

Thursday, neighbors at Lost River Ranch in Georgetown welcomed back Lt. Col. George Hurd from his seventh deployment.

Neighbors, flags and yellow ribbons lined the road as a symbol of gratitude for the sacrifices made by the highly decorated lieutenant colonel.

"It’s such a sacrifice to serve, and it’s a sacrifice to be gone for a year and this is his seventh deployment," said Hurd’s wife Gabrielle.

The plan was put in place quickly by the homeowners association after Gabrielle made a simple request.

"He was returning from his seventh tour and would the neighborhood be willing to just say hi as he drove in," said Crystal Henderson, Lost River Ranch HOA board member, explaining Gabrielle’s plea to the board.

"I just felt like he needed to be welcomed home and I felt like our community needed something to celebrate," Gabrielle said.

The community ran with the idea. The company Let Flags Fly lined the route with the Stars and Stripes. Signs for the soldier were placed along the route and neighbors even decorated his ride.

"As Georgetown, and as a neighborhood, we really wanted to get behind him and just let him know how much they mean to us," said Henderson.

As Hurd arrived back home, he insisted on walking and running the route in order to properly thank his supporters. Walking back home is a family tradition, Hurd said, going back hundreds of years when his ancestors came back from fighting in the American Revolution.

This time, Hurd said it felt different. "Them getting together to do this was extra special," Hurd said. "This is my seventh deployment and by far the nicest welcome home."

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