Georgetown reopens most facilities, will still require masks

Wednesday, Georgetown released updated COVID-19 safety guidelines and reopened most facilities. The guidelines state that face coverings are still required in city facilities.

Most City of Georgetown facilities and lobbies reopened to the public on March 10 without capacity limits, in accordance with Gov. Greg Abbott’s Executive Order announced March 2.

The city says while most facilities will reopen to the public, the library will continue to offer curbside pickup hours five mornings a week and began grab-and-go hours in the afternoons and on Saturdays. 



The city says it will continue to use a number of safety protocols that have been put in place over the past year for the safety of employees and the public. Those protocols include physical distancing requirements, health screenings for employees, and plexiglass at all reception areas.

All city employees are required to wear a face mask when:

  • Inside city facilities and physical distancing of greater than six feet is not possible
  • Inside, interacting face-to-face with customers/residents
  • Outdoors, interacting face-to-face with fellow employee/customer/resident and physical distancing is not possible
  • Interacting face-to-face with a fellow employee at employee’s workstation
  • Walking through city facilities

City board and commission meetings will continue to be virtual, and city council meetings will continue as hybrid in-person/virtual meetings.

According to Abbott’s order, private businesses will no longer be required to have a safety plan or require face masks; however, safety measures are left up to individual businesses. If you are asked to wear a mask to enter a business, please respect that business owner's wishes and choose kindness.

If a customer refuses to wear a face mask, the business can ask that person to leave. If the customer refuses, the business may escalate the issue to a criminal trespassing violation.

The business can call the police department’s non-emergency number at 512-930-3510 and officers will respond.