Georgetown residents get response on green pool

Many people in one Georgetown neighborhood are outraged because their swimming pool is green.

They say their HOA fees are supposed to go toward pool maintenance. From clean, to green.

"Well, it's a garden hose green," says Leslie Rose, Pinnacle Neighborhood resident.

This has left Georgetown residents in the Pinnacle Neighborhood worried to swim in the water.

"It looks like a swamp; there was stuff floating in it last night," says Rose. 

Leslie Rose reached out to FOX 7 hoping for a solution.

The HOA management company, RealManage, tells us a vendor was hired in February with responsibilities including pool maintenance. They sent us a list of some of the issues going on since the spring: excessive trash, dirty restrooms, a broken pump and a crack in one of the chlorine tower hoses. The vendor was ultimately terminated after the management company says things were not resolved.

"It's frustrating. We pay our dues. We expect our management company that we've hired to do what we've hired them to do, to manage these contracts and, they haven't. We're the ones that live in this neighborhood; we're the ones suffering because it's been 105 degrees for the past two to three weeks and we haven't been able to use our pool," says Rose.

RealManage also gave us a letter they sent to homeowners in regards to another contractor being hired. It states: "They will be remediating the current problem, and maintaining your pool in the future so this does not happen again."

While out looking at the pool, an HOA board member approached Rose. They began talking about who would pay to fix the pool problems? Rose says there are 466 homes in the neighborhood and they pay $100.50 quarterly. "This wasn't even our fault. RealManage should eat the whole cost," says Rose. 

"Until we get there and talk to them... I can't say they're taking the whole cost until we get there and we sit down," says Burell Barnes, HOA board member.

RealManage says beginning Thursday they will drain and clean the pool.

They also announced they will reimburse the community for the cost of refilling the pool.

"I know there's not a regulatory division for HOA management companies but it would be nice if the state of Texas took that on," says Rose.

RealManage expects the entire process to take between 3 to 5 days and they will keep homeowners informed on an opening date. They also want to plan a community social event at the pool once everything is fixed.

RealManage released the following letter apologizing to the community:

Dear Pinnacle Homeowners,

First, I sincerely apologize for the condition of your community pool.  I understand how frustrating it is for you and your family to be unable to use your community’s amenities; especially during these hot, summer days. There are a number of circumstances that contributed to the current state of your pool, but the bottom line is there are no excuses that would ease your frustration. Your community deserves a clean, functioning pool. Oversight of your community amenities and the contractors who work on them is our responsibility.

My team is diligently working to rectify this situation. We terminated the contract with the current pool maintenance contractor at your community, and hired another contractor who previously managed your pool effectively. They will be remediating the current problem, and maintaining your pool in the future so this does not happen again.

On Thursday, August 3rd we will drain and clean the pool. This process will take most of the day. Once it is clean, we will begin refilling it with fresh water. We expect that refilling will take several days. Additionally, RealManage will reimburse the community for the cost of refilling the pool. Once the appropriate water level is attained, your pool contractor will balance the chemicals in the fresh water. As soon as the chemicals are balanced, your pool will be open for business. We expect the entire process to take between 3 to 5 days, and will keep you apprised of the expected opening date.

Once the pool is returned to proper health, my team will work with the board to plan a community social event at the pool. RealManage will sponsor the refreshments. Again, I am very sorry and wish everyone well.

Best Regards, 

Benjamin Yaeger
Division President
RealManage, LLC