Good Samaritan helps Tarrytown man recover stolen motorcycle

Sunday, a Good Samaritan helped a Tarrytown man recover his stolen motorcycle. The bike was stolen from Tom Bernhardt’s open garage on Hopi Trail last Saturday, as he watched the UT-OU game. 

A surveillance camera positioned above his garage captured a pick up truck with a trailer attached drive past his house and park “just off-camera” across the street. Video then shows a young man walk into the garage and take the bike. 

The bike means the world to Bernhardt, a retiree. “I enjoy the hell out of it. It’s my passion,” he said. 

The bike is a 2020 BMW S 1000 RR MSport, meaning it is relatively unusual and expensive. Which is likely why so many people recognized it out on the town after Bernhardt announced that it had been stolen. 

Bernhardt said there were “literally thousands” of views on the surveillance video he posted to YouTube and Facebook. He says he immediately had the support of the Central Texas motorcycle community. “These guys are passionate about their bikes, hate thieves, and were looking out for my bike,” he explained.  

Eventually, an employee from Motorangutan, an Austin gear, bike, and parts shop, reached out to Bernhardt. They told him they thought someone had come in with the stolen bike. The employee thought the bike was so neat, they even took photos of it. 

“They were gracious enough to give me their surveillance video,” he said. 

The surveillance video shows a man shopping for gear, and eventually riding off on what Bernhardt believes is his bike. 

The thief then went to a Walmart, where he used Bernhardt’s credit card. His wallet had been inside the motorcycle.  “This guy doesn’t have a lot of sense, he doesn’t care.” 

The trail was hot, but Bernhardt was still without his bike. Sunday night, that changed when a Good Samaritan and total stranger recognized the bike on I-35 from one of Bernhardt’s social media posts. 


“[He] saw that it had no license plate on it,” Bernhardt explained. 

The Good Samaritan followed the rider all the way to the Texaco on East Stassney, off of I-35, where he called 9-1-1. 

“He was a hero, and I appreciate him,” said Bernhardt. 

When the police arrived, the man on the motorcycle and his associates ran away. Bernhardt was at his son's wedding as this all unfolded. 

Monday night, police had made no arrests in the case.

Bernhardt says the Good Samaritan wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons but tells FOX 7 Austin the two plan to meet in person so he can give him a proper ‘thank you.’

Between damage the thieves inflicted on the bike and fees the whole ordeal will cost Bernhardt at least $4,000. He was reunited with the bike Monday morning, after paying $277 worth of towing and impound fees.