Good Samaritan Law protects people saving children in hot cars

Austin is hitting record temps reaching into the 100's early this summer.

First responders are urging people to not only keep cool but remember that the heat in a parked car can rise to more than 20-degrees in just 10 minutes.

The heat can be dangerously high for children, pets and elderly. Austin Police Officer Bino Cadenas said if you see a child in the back seat of a car unattended, call for help, or if possible render aid.

Under the Texas Good Samaritan law, a person can rescue someone who is need of help and not be liable for any damage. "Informs you and protects you if you are providing safety or rendering aid you are protected in Texas," said Officer Cadenas."If you feel the vehicle is hot it's 100 degrees outside if the child is sweating not responding to you tapping the vehicle then you have duty to act."