Gov. Abbott pens letter to TxDPS, troopers ordered to do extra patrols around state buildings

In a letter penned to the Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Governor Abbott has ordered DPS troopers to do extra patrols around state facilities.

Governor Abbott has ordered the patrols to begin on Monday, January 13. The patrols will happen within two blocks of any state building in Austin, including the Capital Complex and the University of Texas at Austin. 

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He cites the recent crimes occurring in the area, including the two stabbings and the assault on the S. Congress bridge, as the reasoning for the increased patrols. 

"As you are aware, two stabbings have taken place in the downtown Austin area in less than a week.  One person has died from those attacks and others remain seriously injured.  These crimes add to a growing list of reports of physical assaults and threats, even arson, in areas near the Capitol Complex and The University of Texas at Austin (UT)," Governor Abbott wrote. 

Governor Abbott says that TxDPS is not in charge of policing the streets and mentions that it is the City of Austin's responsibility. The governor wrote that it is the responsibility of the State of Texas to protect all of the residents of Texas. 

"However, the State of Texas must do all it can to protect the safety of all its residents and visitors. That duty falls even more heavily on DPS when it comes to employees and visitors at all State of Texas facilities—including UT."

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The order has no end date.

Read the full letter below: