Gov. Abbott reveals plan to make schools safer

Gov. Greg Abbott has revealed his plan to improve school safety in the aftermath of the deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School near Houston.

Abbott unveiled his plan at a news conference at Dallas school district headquarters. The 43 page report of recommendations includes increasing the presence of law enforcement at schools. 

The governor also suggests more mental health screening for students with a handful of recommendations involving gun safety.

Funding will be aided by federal grants although some recommendations will require state lawmakers to weigh in.

The report was released a day after students returned to Santa Fe High School for the first time since the May 18 shooting left eight students and two substitute teachers dead.

Abbott recently held meetings with a variety of people to help come up with the plan. Those involved in the talks included officials from several school districts, gun-rights advocates, gun control groups and survivors of shooting.

You can read Governor Abbott's full plan here (pdf).


The Associated Press contributed to this report.