Governor Abbott calls out Austin for changes to homeless ordinances

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is calling out the City of Austin for changing ruled regarding the homeless. Last week, council members loosened laws surrounding camping, lying down in public spaces, and soliciting. 

Abbott said on Twitter on Sunday, June 23 that he has no problem getting involved and trying to override these changes that were just made. "f Austin— or any other Texas city—permits camping on city streets it will be yet another local ordinance the State of Texas will override."

This wouldn't be the first time Governor Abbott has used his influence to intervene. 

In 2017, he signed a bill into a law that banned sanctuary cities in Texas as a response to Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez's new jail police. Hernandez said she wouldn't honor ICE detainers and would only turn over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities for major crimes. 

Abbott also used his influence again when the Austin City Council passed a mandatory paid sick leave ordinance and when the city banned plastic bags. 



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