Governor Abbott signs bill banning sanctuary cities into law on Facebook Live

UPDATE: Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed the bill banning sanctuary cities into law. 




Despite hours of emotional testimony, protests, and sit-ins at the capitol, Texas is one step closer to passing a law that would ban sanctuary cities.

SB 4 has been one of the most contentious proposals this session. It allows police officers to ask about a person's immigration status and threatens sheriffs and police chiefs with jail time if they don't comply with federal authorities.

State Senator Charles Perry sponsored the bill. He says it's about the rule of law and they don't want illegal criminals back on the street.

Texas doesn't currently have any sanctuary cities but that hasn't stopped Governor Abbott and other leaders from pushing to ban them.

Opponents call the bill racist and divisive. Many police departments say the measure will hurt their relationships with the immigrant community.

They're worried concerns over being deported will prevent victims from reporting crimes and stop witnesses from coming forward with information about crimes.

From the beginning, Governor Abbott has said this bill is a priority. He posted the following tweet after it passed.

Many organizations have made it very clear, if the bill becomes law, they will file a lawsuit  against the state.