Governor's Mansion gate sells for more than $35K

After just a few minutes of bidding a long-time piece of Austin's most prolific mansion was sold.

"The gates that stood at the Texas Governor's Mansion from about the late 60's until 2008," Chris Featherston, of the Austin Auction Gallery said, "it brought $35,000."

The buyer, J.P. Bryan is the founder of the Bryan Museum in Galveston, which is home to over 70,000 pieces of Texas and American Southwest history.

"I'm certainly glad to get this," Bryan said, "I thought it would work quite nicely, coordinate quite well with the historical  message we are trying to deliver."

But what would make a gate worth so much money?

"This is a one of a kind piece." Featherston said, "this gate protected George Bush, who went on to become President, here in Texas and (eight) other governors since its installation in the 1960s. It is a part of Texas history, the fire is a part of Texas history, the fact it stood in front of the Governor's mansion is a piece of Texas history."

A one of a kind piece of texas history that will continue to protect and be seen for years to come.

"It will be a nice feature for those that will be coming to visit. We are going to use it around an addition that we are doing to the facility currently. It will be used. It will be very functional," Bryan said.