Granger dance hall pays tribute to US soldiers killed in Kabul attack

A local dance hall has found a special way to pay tribute to the US soldiers who lost their lives after a terrorist attack in Kabul.

The Cotton Country Club in Granger has set up a reserved table at the historic venue with 13 place settings in memory of the 13 Americans who lost their Thursday. 

The venue's owner Jamie Church says her staff came together to create the unique memorial, complete with American flags on each chair. 

"These 13 soldiers that we lost had futures ahead of them, had families, and were so young. So for us, that is just one small step that we can take just to pay tribute," said Church.

Church says this is a loss felt by everyone and especially among their patrons, many of whom are veterans. 

"So the hope is is that everyone who comes in those doors will realize the sacrifices that are made. Those people risked their lives for us and they don't know us," said Church

The Cotton Country Club is holding a special remembrance of those victims during their dinner Sunday, which pays tribute to all veterans. 

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