Greg Kelley arrives at Williamson County Jail

After spending nearly three years in prison, a car sick Greg Kelley arrived at the Williamson County Jail Tuesday afternoon.
“He is doing really well and we are proud of how he  has held up under extreme stress,” said Pam Brimberry, friend of the Kelley family.

Kelley was convicted of sexually assaulting a child at a home daycare, where he was temporarily staying. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Now, new evidence is emerging. His family,  embraced him Tuesday and hopes he can come home in the coming days.

“We are one step closer to getting Greg Kelley out of jail,” said Brimberry.

The Williamson County district attorney reopened the case, because Kelley's attorney  Keith Hampton's  new evidence points to another man who lived in the same home as Kelley.

Hampton said the other man had inappropriate photos of kids on his computer. However, the District Attorney, Shawn Dick isn’t calling him a suspect just yet

“It's a term we're avoiding using. It's something that the defense has alleged, that he's a suspect. It's an allegation we are taking very seriously,” said Dick.

Kelley has a hearing set for August 3. That's when a judge will decide to either recommend his conviction be vacated or not. Then it goes up the chain of command.

“He doesn't technically win here in Williamson County. The decision is going to be a majority of the nine judges in the court of criminal appeals," said Hampton. 

Hampton said at this time, they will try their hardest to get Kelley out on bond, before his August court date.

This other potential suspect was in court today for unrelated charges.

He was there for a probation revocation hearing. They did reset that hearing date and transferred it to another court.