Greg Kelley supporters rally for his freedom

Dozens of Greg Kelley supporters gathered hoping to send a message to the Williamson County District Attorney's Office.  Their message  "Free Greg Kelley now."

The 22-year-old former Leander football star is currently serving out a 25-year sentence after being convicted of sexually assaulting a child at in in home daycare he was staying at. Kelley has always maintained his innocence and has a huge following of people that believe that as well. 

They have waited years for this news. His case is being reopened. But they said based on the new evidence, he should be free now, Maddie Brimberry is a longtime friend of Kelley, "We are doing this trying to fight for him and show Shawn Dick that this is a big deal and that it’s really important to us and an innocent man should not be sitting in jail any longer, it’s been too long already three years of his life have gone by," she said.

New evidence brought to light by Kelley's attorney points to another young man who looks very similar to Kelley. The new Williamson County DA Shawn Dick said the evidence Kelley’s attorney gathered is enough for him to take a second look at the case and the Texas Rangers are now investigating.

A public hearing is set for August for Kelley. Those at the rally said are extremely grateful to the DA for reopening the case, but rallied because they want Kelley free now and said August is not soon enough.

Jake Brydon was one of the event organizers for the rally, "There is no reason Greg should be sitting in prison while we go through this process and so that is our goal to communicate to everybody here at Williamson County that hey we are not asking you to exonerate Greg, we know you don’t have that authority but you do have the authority to let Greg out of jail on bond now, so as we go through this process he’s not spending unnecessary time in a penitentiary," he said.