Group helps rescue neighbor's dog from flooding

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Family and neighbors banded together to rescue a dog being swept away in rushing waters north of Beaumont Tuesday.

Carson Crosby says his brother, Travis Crosby along with neighbors Darryl Wise and Kavan Wise braved the flood to rescue the neighbor's dog, which had been swept away by rushing water in front of their property. 

In a video posted on Twitter, two men can be seen holding a rope, one of them being Travis. A third man is chest-deep in flood waters that look more like river rapids. 

He's holding the rope and reaching for something under a fir tree. 

As he grabs at his target, it becomes clear. He's grabbed onto a dog, likely holding on for its life under the brush. 

Other men come forward to help reel the man and the dog to more shallow water. As he's helped to his feet, the dog in his arms appears stunned, but OK. 

Carson confirmed via Twitter to FOX 26 the dog had been reunited with its owner and it and its rescuer were doing fine Tuesday evening.

Many animals have been displaced or separated from their humans in the flooding around Houston. For assistance with pets or animals in your area, or to help through a donation, resources are available at: 

Animal Defense League of Texas:

Houston SPCA:

The Humane Society of the United States: