Gunman attended fall festival in Sutherland Springs and church services prior to mass shooting

The front of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs could be clearly seen Tuesday as Federal and state investigators scaled back their work in and around the main sanctuary.

The shattered windows is an indication of the carnage left inside by the gunman identified as Devin Kelley.

Fred Milanowski with the ATF said the rifle used by Kelley was a semi automatic. It was not modified with a bump stock devised like what was used in the Las Vegas shooting.

“ATF agents. Have acquired shell casings from the scene, those shell casings will be entered into the ATF’s national integrated ballistic identification at work and that will help us determine if that what was used in in any other shootings,” said Milanowski.

Authorities have yet officially determine a motive, other than Kelley was at odds  with his former in-laws who at times attended services here.

“There was a conflict between those two families,  we’re only 48 hours and mitigation interviews are ongoing and things we releasing his press conference could affect future interviews,” said DOS Regional Director Freeman Martin.

It’s hoped Kelley’s cellphone will eventually reveal some answers  FBI Agent Christopher Combs said the phone was flown to a lab in Quantico for analysis.

“Unfortunately at this point in time we are unable to get into the phone. it actually highlights an issue you have her before, the advance of the technology in the phones and the encryptions, law enforcement whether it’s at the state, local or federal level is increasingly not able to get into these phones,” said Combs.

Late Tuesday afternoon the Sheriff of Wilson Co. told the Associated Press that Kelley, about a week ago, had attend the Fall Festival at Sutherland Springs. The Sheriff also said the the pastor at First Baptist confirmed that in the past Kelley has attended some of their worship services.

Investigators declined to go into detail about Kelley’s long history of violence and mental illness. They also didn’t want to talk about how the state was able to deny Kelley a gun permit, while mistakes on the federal level made it possible for Kelley to purchase several guns. 
Tuesday Officials in Comal County confirm deputies responded to a disturbance at Kelley’s home in 2014 but no formal report was filed. 

It was also confirmed that he was the Focus  of a sexual assault investigation in 2013 but the investigation stalled.

In 2012 according to this El Paso police report, Kelly was taken into custody at a bus stop after he reportedly escaped from a little healthcare facility in New Mexico.

It was noted Kelley was in the Air Force, had allegedly tried to sneak fire arms onto base and that he made threats against several members of the command staff. None of this information was in any federal data base which could have prevented him from purchasing weapon he brought to Sutherland Springs.

The Local district attorney told report that families who lost loved ones will be eligible to get Benny from a special fund to help with funeral expenses and amount about $6,500. The DA also said a local business has said caskets will be provided to families at no charge.