Halloween display causing people to shake their heads

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A Halloween display in Marietta is getting a lot of attention. It shows what appears to be blood dripping from a severed head of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. The man behind the display said while it does have a political theme, there's more to it.

“It's a political statement saying both candidates are ridiculous and it's also Halloween,” said Albin Blomkvest.

The display is set up in front of Blomkvest's business on Powers Ferry Road in Marietta. He said it is a way to get people to stop and take notice of his company, a virtual booking agency for entertainers. At night he has a light show set to music. But with the spotlight on Hillary, not all the attention has been positive.

“She's not my choice but I wouldn't dump her head over a bucket, she may end up being our president,” said Deanna Bracey who works across the street.

One of her customers, Deana Lee, took a look and did not like it either.

“I think it's horrible, I think it's tacky, I don't care what your political views are,” says Lee.

Blomkvest admitted he is a supporter of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. He said he initially had a Trump mask as part of the display, but it was stolen the first night. He said the display is all in good fun and people don't need to lose their heads over this.

“It's really just a gag for Halloween, people are taking it too seriously,” said Blomkvest.

The display went up the first of October and he had been adding to it over the past few weeks. He said it's going to continue to get bigger until Halloween.