Harvey volunteers take a load off at UT game

It’s been a difficult time for Texans.
With Harvey leaving mass destruction behind, Texan’s are now faced with major cleanup efforts, and are working to regain a sense of normalcy.

Some people are using football to help.

Hundreds of University of Texas Longhorns fans dusted off their grills, loaded up their trucks, and got together with friends and family for traditional tailgating Saturday afternoon.

"We been doing it and love it. We connect with our family and friends. We just come to have a good time," said UT fan George Benavides.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a rookie tailgater as long as you have a team you were welcomed.

Robert Orozco has been tailgating for years with his family and said it’s an event that brings people together.

"Make new friends and connect with old friends," said UT fan Robert Orozco.

But with all the fun surrounding the game some die hard longhorns fan took the time to remember those most affected by Hurricane Harvey and the destruction.

"We have a tip jar. We've never had a tip jar at events like this but last weekend we collected donations and will continue this week," said Orozco.

Greg Quinn said a lot of the people tailgating are taking a much needed break from helping with hurricane efforts.

"There are people here that have been working in Houston, helping and this was their one chance to kind of have a day off,” said Quinn. "We didn't abandon the hurricane issue many of us were involved with helping them out."