Hearing reset for man connected to Hutto police officer's death

It could be a couple of months before a Williamson County grand jury formally indicts a man in connection to Hutto Police Sergeant Chris Kelley's death.

For the first time in the case attorneys went before Williamson County Judge Donna King Monday morning. The hearing was reset as both sides wait on the case to be presented and a decision from the grand jury.

Colby Ray Williamson, 26, is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a public servant. Authorities say Williamson hit Kelley with his vehicle after a traffic stop and struggle on June 24th.

The court appointed defense attorney Russ Hunt to represent Williamson. He's no stranger to high profile cases with similar outcomes. Hunt served as one of Brandon Daniel's attorneys. Daniel was charged and convicted of killing Austin Police Officer Jaime Padron.

"I'm anticipating the grand jury will do a thorough investigation. They will be able to watch a bunch of videos and hear from the Texas Rangers and they will decide what level of charge they think is appropriate," said Hunt outside the courtroom Monday.

"You're looking at probably another two to four months before they'll present to the grand jury," said Mindy Montford. Montford is a former prosecutor who now works as a defense attorney. "They want to make sure they have their bases covered especially if they ask the grand jury to look at something higher like capital murder," she said.

Hunt says he's been in touch with the Williamson family

"I've had a lot of contact with the family and they're very concerned about him. When I've mentioned to him that Officer Kelley had a family he immediately burst into tears," said Hunt.

Both sides will be back in court on August 17th.