Heavy rain floods San Marcos River in Luling

A few Central Texas creeks climbed dangerously high after heavy rainfall Friday morning.

Luckily, most of the flooding occurred on ranch land and didn't damage nearby homes.

"We are getting a lot of water tonight," said Liz Palfini, superintendent of the Palmetto State Park.

More than four inches of rain raised the San Marcos River in Luling above 24 feet into the moderate flood stage.

"It just doesn't have any place to go," said John Barfield who owns land along the San Marcos River.

With nowhere to go, the river started spilling over onto nearby ranch land taking everything in its path downstream.

"This water's moving very quickly. It's full of trees that are bigger than you and me and seven other people floating through the middle of the river. So this is already a dangerous situation," said Palfini.

Cattle rancher John Barfield said he keeps a close eye on what's happening upstream so he has time to move his herd before the water gets too high.

"Plum Creek is my gage. I come up here to see what the water's doing and I can watch and see whether it's coming up or going down," said Barfield.

The rising creeks made for some unhappy campers at Palmetto State Park.

Park staff had to evacuate anyone on site for fear that the worst was yet to come.

"I started worrying about it at about 10:30, 11 because that's when it hit 14' in Luling," said Palfini.

Now with their eyes on the sky, people in Luling said they are hoping for a break from the rain until the river recedes.