Heavy rains cause flash flooding, road closures

The unpredictable weather wreaked havoc in Central Texas overnight causing dozens of roads to close due to flooding.

In fact overnight in Northwest Austin a person had to be rescued from flood waters. It happened at McNeil and Pecan Street. The driver lost control of his car and had to be pulled from a flooded area. There were no injuries but in unpredictable weather, especially if it's still dark, officials ask everyone to take safety precautions.

Those include:

-Turn on headlights when you drive so you'll be that much more visible

-Slow down and leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles

-Don't use cruise control. In wet conditions using the feature increases your risk of losing control of your vehicle.

-Try not to slam on your brakes. It's going to take a lot longer to stop on wet roads.

-Turn around, don't drown

When the weather is bad you can prepare for the weather and navigate the roads by going to ATXfloods here.

It shows you all the low water road closures in Central Texas. The red dots indicate current closures.