High temperatures brings high number of heat-related emergencies

Summer officially arrives on Friday, but the temperatures outside make it feel like it's already here. This heat can quickly cause problems for those who are unprepared including pets.

"It's hot it's very hot outside but it is Texas," said Emerson Tobaro.

Those at the trails like Tobaro doing their best Wednesday to beat the heat. The scorching temperatures was enough to spark a heat advisory.

With more searing temperatures on the way, first responders want you to be extra cautious as we enter summer. "When you're not hydrating it can sneak up on you, you lose water as simply as breathing," said Captain Jason Beggs with Austin-Travis County EMS.

Whether you're working outdoors, running, paddle boarding, bicycling, or anything else outside before you step out the door; Captain Beggs recommends you drink plenty of water.

Drinking too little water in this heat can lead to some big problems. "Heat exhaustion you're going to be fatigued a little sluggish, super sweaty, you can have vomiting. As far as heat stroke you're going to notice some altered mental status," said Captain Beggs.

If you come across someone experiencing these symptoms Captain Beggs said to move them out of the heat like into the shade, cool them, and call 911.

With how pet friendly Austin is, it's also best to keep an eye on our furry friends when outside.

"When they begin to pant so hard that their tongs almost touch the ground you have to get them cooled off so seek shade and wet your pet they don't sweat like people do," said David Allman an Austin Pets Alive veterinarian. Allman said they tend to see a lot of overheating with pets at the beginning of summer as it takes a while for them to get used to the heat.

Captain Beggs recommends if you do plan to hit the trails wear loose light colored clothing, try not to go alone, and if you bring a pet bring plenty of water for them.