Highest number of women graduate from 151st APD Cadet class

The Austin Police Department's 151st Cadet class graduated on April 19.

There are 39 graduates, including 10 women. That's the highest number of women in a graduating class.

The new officers went through a rigorous 32-week program, and there are still about 370 officer positions open. 

"We're adding officers to the board, even if it's in small increments, I'll take that. We're not going to compromise the quality of our training because we know the citizens of Austin have very high expectations of their public service, particularly the police department," Interim Chief Robin Henderson said. 

"I'm a Black woman, and that's a high standard already to be, and just knowing that there are a lot of powerful women out there, I hope it can encourage those in the younger generation that anything's possible," APD Cadet Graduate Abigail Kinnard said. "I feel honored honestly, I think it's a great opportunity, I know there are amazing men and women out there right now who are working really hard so knowing I can go out there and help maybe even in the slightest is absolutely amazing."


"There are some of us out there that know innately that they're called to serve, and they just wouldn't be happy or find fulfillment if they don't take that step. I feel like I'm one of them. I think we have 38 other folks that feel the same way, so it's cool to meet them all in one place and chase that goal together," APD Cadet Graduate Avery Zucchi said. 

A class of 66 cadets is expected to graduate in September.