Historic flooding in Smithville, Bastrop County

In Bastrop County, a road off of Highway 71 near Smithville has washed away as historic flooding hits the town.

The county has been placed under a declaration of disaster and emergency officials urge families with homes prone to flooding to evacuate.

Early Saturday morning, Crystal and her daughter Kiersten got a nightmare of a wake-up call.

“We heard all this rumbling going across the roof and I yelled ‘get in the hallway now.’ That was the first noise I heard. After we came in the hall she said "mom it sounds like it's raining in your bedroom,’” said Crystal Mclain.

“I had never felt anything like that,” said her daughter Kiersten Cerny.

After their roof was blown off, the Victoria evacuees made their way to Smithville to stay with family. Yet Smithville residents and others in Bastrop County are fighting their own battles in this flood.

“I happened to look up and see the bottom off the birdcage. We came out, stuff everywhere but no bird,” said Angel Hurst.

Hurricane Harvey may have hit the Texas coast hard, but it's packing a punch in Central Texas too.
“This is a record flood,” said Judge Paul Pape, Bastrop County.

Officials say the Bastrop part of the Colorado River expected to crest Monday at 28.9 feet, and authorities have already done some swift water rescues.
“One of the ladies was quite pregnant, and needed to get to a hospital,” said Pape.

Bastrop County is no stranger to disasters, and whether it's wildfires or flooding, Bastrop County is ready to take on Mother Nature.

“All we can do is pray and prepare for the worst, pray for the best," said Mclain.