Holiday Travel: ABIA seeing large lines, some flight delays and cancellations

Some call it the most wonderful time of the year, but maybe not for travelers.

Treacherous weather conditions just days before Christmas could delay flights for millions of Americans.

The TSA expects today to be the busiest day for air travel this holiday season.

Austin Bergstrom International Airport was packed this morning with travelers waiting to get through security.

Officials are sending out holiday-specific reminders to get you through security on time.

First, keep holiday presents unwrapped in case agents need to inspect them.

Maybe try a gift bag instead of wrapping paper.

Clothing with sequins, beads, or other festive flair can set off security equipment alarms, so they suggest waiting until you get to your destination to wear that.

Another helpful tip: cakes, pies, cookies, and breads can travel in carry-on bags, but may require some additional screening.

Airlines like Southwest, United, Delta, American, Spirit, JetBlue, and Alaska Airlines are offering more flexibility for travelers.

The airlines are waiving fees and fare differences for people looking to rebook their trip.

Not every airport is part of this deal.

Check with your airline to see if it's participating.

Hundreds of flights were canceled yesterday and others delayed. It's a good idea to check your flight status before you leave for the airport.

While there won't be snow or ice on the roads for Central Texas, there is still expected to be a lot of traffic.

AAA says there's going to be over 3 million more Americans hitting the road this Christmas compared to last.