Home burglary leaves Taylor veteran searching for family heirlooms

Two weeks after the Brown family moved into their new home in Taylor their back door was broken into and the items most precious to Kelly Brown were stolen.

The thieves left behind their flat screen television and other valuables. Among the items stolen was Brown’s wedding ring, an irreplaceable gift from her grandmother. While she was in Afghanistan her grandmother found out her now husband was going to propose and offered up her diamond.

"I tried to buy a new wedding ring and I can't...because it's not my grandmother's she wore that every day," Brown said pushing back tears.

Every piece of jewelry Brown owned was stolen including her 2018 UT class ring.

“I just graduated from UT it took me 5 years to earn the right to buy that ring," said Brown. "I just want my stuff back I understand that we all have hard times I've been there myself but I can't replace the things that you stole."

The thieves also stole SD cards filled with photos of Brown’s six-year old son growing up. The Brown family has since beefed up their security system and is working with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office in hopes the items will be returned one day.

They’re also offering a reward for any information in their case.