Homeless encampments, huts in the Greenbelt concern residents

Last week, FOX 7 told you about a man who neighbors say had been cutting down trees in the Williamson Creek Greenbelt. 

As of this week, they say he hasn't been seen in a few days, and his structures were cleared out. Trash remains in the area.

About two miles north in the area of Lamar and Loop 360, another resident says there are huts made out of tree branches.

"Recently, we've been seeing more and more people in the Greenbelt," Kathy Wortell, who reached out after seeing our last report, said.

The huts are in various sizes.

"We try to be observant and especially at night, we're concerned about fires," Wortell said. "Seems to be cedar wood, branches, just a lot of wood."

She says she thinks a different group of people is building the huts.

"It's a scare, because we don't want to have a fire or any accident. There are a lot of trees that have died and shrubbery, so that's our main concern," she said. "I think someone needs to have more of a hands-on effort in taking care of the Greenbelt."

The city says there was a cleanup in the area of Stassney and Jones, and there is a second cleanup scheduled. As for the other area, we have yet to get a response.