House stuck in South Austin street finally moved

*Update 10/6* The house that has been stuck for days in a South Austin has been moved as it finally began its journey to Lockart early this morning. Workers were only allowed to work on moving the house between midnight and 4 a.m.

But the move hasn't been without a few issues. Around 3 a.m. the caravan was stopped at South 1st just north of Taft Lane and stayed that way for an hour because the spotter on top of the truck hurt himself.

The spotter sits on the truck and alerts the driver about things like power lines. At some point during the move he was injured. EMS showed up and took him to the hospital.

It was about an hour delay before the caravan continued.

Day six and the house in the middle of a South Austin street is still there.
It became stuck while movers tried to relocate it to Lockhart on Friday night.
They had to leave it right where it was. 

Monday afternoon "Austin Home Movers" showed up and started sawing off parts of the house to make it fit but soon a City of Austin employee came out and informed them they hadn't submitted everything they needed for the city's "Right of Way" permit by the end of the business day so they had to stop. 
They got the permit Tuesday and the company worked early Wednesday morning and it budged a little bit.
But they ultimately had to stop because they can only move the house between midnight and 4 am.
This afternoon, Fox 7 spoke with Joe McCullough, the Executive Director of the Texas Association of Structural Movers. 
McCullough feels like this company has set a bad example for other house-moving companies.
He says house movers in the association will spend hours measuring so they'll know what to expect.

"They know for darn sure when they take off with that vehicle that they're going to get under telephone lines, cable lines, electrical lines, trees, all that stuff.  It's not a mystery.  You've just got to do a little math and somebody didn't do the math," McCullough said.

Austin Home Movers is expected to be back at it tonight. 
Let's hope the house gets out of the road and on the road to Lockhart.