Houston family loses two sons to gun violence in two weeks

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When the pastor at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Houston got the message this morning that a family in his parish lost a son to gun violence, he says he thought it as a mistake. He had received nearly the same message just two weeks prior.

39 year old Demarcus Tucker was fatally shot at 4:35am Wednesday in the 3100 block of Napoleon. Houston Police say Tucker reached into the suspect's truck and tried to take suspects' gun. While struggling over weapon, it went off.

For Charlie Ferguson, it's the second son he's lost at the hand of bullets in two weeks.

On July 4th, Ferguson's 19 year old son Dequarious Tucker was shot at a 4th of July celebration. His funeral had been held this past Saturday.

Dr. DZ Cofield, the family's longtime pastor, said at a press conference with the family today that neither son was a target, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He also voiced concern over the volume of gun violence he sees in the city, and across the country.

"When I was growing up you had a fight and if you lost that was it," Cofield said, sitting beside Ferguson and his son Raymond. "Now, the great equalizer is the gun."

Today, the family held a press conference to share a message with the Houston community.

"More fathers need to stand up," said Charlie, with eyes full of tears. "If more fathers were to be there sometimes things like this won't happen."

Dr. Cofield expressed broader concern for a generation he feels is numb to violence, saying "there's a generation out here that's living and functioning whole different set of rules," and that, "they don't fear death. But they don't know how to live."

The suspect in Demarcus Tucker's case was detained and questioned. Officer's contacted the D.A's office, and the case will be referred to Harris County Grand Jury.

Any witnesses are asked to contact HPD Homicide 713-308-3600.

The funeral for Demarcus will be held Tuesday, 12pm at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church.

A fund is available for those who wish to support the family. To donate, visit: gofund.me/DemarcusTucker