Houston Zoo flamingos take a walk! New exhibit opens August 30

It was quite the scene for those at the Houston Zoo on Tuesday. 

That's after the Houston Zoo's flamingo flock walked through the Zoo to move into their new and improved forever home. 

In the video, you can see approximately 200 zoo staff, volunteers, and board members stand side-by-side to form a human wall to help navigate the Zoo's 54 Chilean flamingos to the brand-new South American Wetlands aviary. 

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(Photo Credit: Jackelin Reyna/Houston Zoo)

The aviary, which is one of three new ones inside the Zoo's newest 1.3 acre, $13.5 million "Birds of the World" exhibit, will open to guests starting on August 30, 2024. 

"Birds of the World" at the Houston Zoo will feature three spacious aviaries, and each will house approximately 15 different bird species.