How to protect your home from wildfires: Tips to keep you safe

Texas A&M Forest Service has increased the state preparedness level to Level 4 as the result of a significant increase in wildfire activity across the state. As well as, potential large fires and the increased commitment of state and local resources to fires.

With this, local, state and federal resources have been extremely busy in the past week.

Wildfires can spread quickly and officials want you to be prepared. Here are some friendly tips:

  • Recognize warnings and alerts
  • Make an emergency plan
  • Review important documents
  • Strengthen your home
  • Know your evacuation zone
  • Gather supplies

If a wildfire is happening in your area, authorities will ask you to pay attention to warnings and alerts in case you need to evacuate.

  • Check with local authorities for the latest information about public shelters or check open locations on the FEMA app. You can also download the free Red Cross Emergency app for a list of open Red Cross shelters in your area.
  • Use an N95 mask to protect yourself from smoke inhalation or limit your exposure to smoke

Over the past seven days, state, federal and local fire resources have been extremely busy responding to 193 fires that burned 173,559 acres.

For more tips and information, click here.

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