How well do you know the most famous ‘first dogs'?

You might know a lot about some of our most famous presidents, but how well do you know these famous first dogs?

  • Bo and Sunny: You probably remember Barack Obama’s dogs, who were both portuguese water dogs.
  • Miss Beazly, Barney, and Spot: George W. Bush had two Scottish Terriers: Miss Beazly and Barney, plus an English springer spaniel named Spot who was the offspring of Millie, who served as first dog under George H.W. Bush.
  • Fala: FDR’s scottish terrier is one of the most famous first dogs. He starred in a movie, had his own press secretary, and was even named an honorary private in the Army.
  • Feller: Harry S. Truman was once gifted a cocker spaniel named Feller, but he regifted Feller to the White House physician.
  • Checkers: Richard Nixon’s dog Checkers was the subject of his most famous speech on the campaign trail. Sadly, Checkers died in 1964 before she could make it to the White House.
  • Shannon, Clipper, Charlie, and Wolf: JFK famously requested that his dogs all be there to greet him whenever the presidential helicopter returned to the White House.
  • Yuki: And not every president has a pure breed. LBJ loved his mutt Yuki, whom his daughter found at a gas station.