Huge tree falls on barn, four cars

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A Carrollton family came out of their home early Saturday morning, to a horrific sight: a 100-foot-tall tree had fallen on their barn and four of their cars.

"It could have been a lot worse," said Ashley Cooper, who was grateful the large pecan tree did not fall on their home and injure anyone.

Cooper said around 4 a.m., his family heard the sound of a cracking noise, followed by a huge crash.

Cooper said two cars were totaled, two others with some damage, and his barn and the antiques inside, destroyed.

"Most of my pictures are in a suitcase. A lot of mementos," said Teresa Haynes.

Haynes had planned to convert the barn into a home for her son, who is a Marine, who planned to start a family back home.

"That's not going to happen now," Haynes said.

Friends have been helping the family clean up the damage and try to rebuild.

A Go Fund Me account has been created for the family: