Hundreds honor slain Peace Officers during 15th Annual Ride for the Fallen

More than 700 police officers, veterans , families, and loved ones from around the country gathered at the State Capitol on Saturday to honor and remember those that have died in the line of duty.

"We had people come in from all over the nation, as far away as Hawaii and all over the state of Texas," Todd Harrison, an Austin Police Sergeant, said.

San Angelo police officer Brian Bylsma, made the long ride to Austin to stand by his brothers in blue that have lost their lives, including two very close to him. His former partner, Jaime Padron, and his sergeant, Korby Lee Kennedy, who's names are both on the Memorial Wall on the Capitol grounds.

"The people's names that are on this wall paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect the citizens, of not only san angelo, but the citizens of Texas," he said.

15 additional names were added to the wall on Saturday. Karesa Keesee's father, William, a former Brownwood state trooper, is one of them.

"It's very emotional. It's hard to see but then it is an honor for him to be up on this wall," she said. "It's kind of a constant reminder of what happened but we are honored to be a part of these memorials and it's just an honor to wear the badge for him now, that he wore it so long and for so many other people."

"They are not heroes for how they died. They are heroes for how they lived and how they served," Harrison said.