Hurricane Irma created new island off of Georgia coast

Hurricane Irma not only had to the power to destroy, but it was also powerful enough to create a new island.

Researchers at the University of Georgia learned of the new coastal island off of Georgia’s coast.

Irma's winds remained strong when it arrived in Georgia. The storm blew out part of a narrow land that once extended south from Blackbeard Island toward Sapelo Island, according to Dr. Marguerite Madden, director of the Center for Geospatial Research

“The areas are very dynamic because it’s sandy,” she said to FOX 13. “It’s not unusual. Storms can cause dramatic changes in a short amount of time.”

The small island is called “Little Blackbeard,” which is fitting since its about 100 acres and formed from Blackbeard Island, a federally-protected land. The larger island is about 5,600 acres, while Sapelo Island is about 16,500 acres, according to Sapelo Island Wildlife Management Area.

There is a chance the island can continue shifting south as erosion occurs on the north end and builds up on the southern end. It's possible it could attach itself to Sapelo Island, which is a state-owned park, or it could disappear altogether.