Hurricane Maria pets reunited with Puerto Rican owners

Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on the small island of Puerto Rico in September relocating thousands of people to other parts of the United States. People left behind their livelihood, family, homes and even their pets.

Sunday owners were reunited with their furry friends, after nearly six months apart. The Austin Humane Society partnered with Puerto Rico animals unite to help fly more than 30 pets into Austin. Frances Jonon, AHS’s President & CEO received many hugs for helping orchestrate the event.

"In many cases one of the family members stayed behind to care for them so husbands and wives and children have been separated from each other while one stayed behind to care for their pets so this has been more than reuniting pets it's reuniting entire families,” Jonon said.

The Rivera family relocated to Frisco, Texas after Hurricane Maria hit. Jonathan Rivera said leaving was devastating but having his 5 year-old Rottweiler Dante by his side makes Texas feel more like home.

"We feel now together like a complete family like now we can rest and sleep well and he's going to be happy too," Rivera said.