Hutchinson leaves behind a trail of broken hearts among colleagues

Hutchinson’s suicide comes as a shock  to Sheriff Greg Hamilton who described Hutchinson as a "gentle giant." Hamilton didn't think that his colleague and close friend would kill himself.

“I can tell you two weeks before this occurred sergeant Hutchinson was in my office talking about how excited he was about retiring,” said Hamilton.

According to authorities, Hutchinson's financial obligations and medical problems got in the way of that dream.

“Should I have known this was going to happen’? said an emotional Hamilton.

He leaves behind many broken hearts at the sheriff's office.
“A lot of my staff are hurting,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton describes the sergeant as a teddy bear and a great friend to all.  He says he has no reason to believe his friend was in that deep of a state of depression. He is thankful he was able to say a few last words to him.

“We can get through this together. I wish I would have told hutch that, I didn't, but I was able to tell him before he left my office that I love him, said Hamilton.

His loss echoes in the community he served, and the one he lived in.

“I'm not here to judge I'm not here to say anything. All I can say is that he proved his time and he served the community and that's all at the end of the day that matters,” said Mario Carlin, Round Rock resident.

Hutchinson served with the Travis County Sheriff's office for 32 years. He was supposed to retire in September.